Unravel the mysteries of Kamihama City with Iroha Tamaki as she searches for her little sister.

Progress through the story with our protagonist, Iroha Tamaki, in the new location of Kamihama City. There are four major elements to the game.

The story, which is made up of adventure and battle elements.

Expressive characters bring the story to life!

  The story takes place in Kamihama City, which is made up of nine districts.
  It is split into the Main Story, which uses Live2D and is central to the overall tale, Another Story, which progresses separately from the main story, and Magical Girl Stories that focus on the individual stories of the characters the player unlocks.

Strategic battles that hinge on the Magical Girls’ friendships!

  Battles in Kamihama City are highly strategic and feature the Disk System.
  The battlefield is made up of two 3x3 grids that contain both enemies and allies.

Fight by skillfully deploying Magical Girls on the grid. More formations will become available as you progress, and you will be able to choose which formation will work best against which enemies before doing battle.

There are three types of disks, and each Magical Girl has different disks that correspond with their characteristics. Usually you will be performing attacks by selecting disks, but after you save up a certain number of points, you can execute special attacks (called Connect Skills), which have a variety of effects, including multiple attacks in one move, as well as healing effects.


Form teams and power up
your Magical Girls

Form teams and power up your Magical Girls

1. Enhance Magic

Use Enhancing Items to increase a Magical Girl's level along with her parameters (HP, ATK, DEF).

2. Enhance Magia

Level up ultimate attacks called Magia and power them up.

3. Awakening

If the player equips all of the necessary materials for a Magical Girl, they can Awaken them to increase their rank.

4. Memoria

Equip your Magical Girls with Memoria, which are the crystallized form of Magical Girls' memories. Not only do they enhance a Magical Girl's current abilities, but they can also give the girls special skills and abilities.

Battle against other players in Mirrors, the Mirror Witch's realm.

Battle against other players in Mirrors, the Mirror Witch's realm.

Do battle with other players' avatars in the Mirror Witch's realm. Fight your way through several Mirror levels and make your way to the depths of Mirrors.

Who is the Witch of Mirrors?

The Mirror Witch is defined by her reclusiveness.
As such, her Labyrinth is made up of many overlapping levels.
She's a cowardly Witch whose only desire is to hide from the world, so she does not gather magic by killing people or Magical Girls; rather, she simply absorbs a little bit of magic from Magical Girls who enter her Labyrinth, which she then uses to form more layers in her Labyrinth to protect herself.
The more intruders there are, the more complex her Labyrinth becomes.

Doppels, Magical Girls’ new power that can only be used in Kamihama City

Doppels, Magical Girls’ new power that can only be used in Kamihama City

A select few Magical Girls in Kamihama City can summon a power known as a Doppel. Only awakened Magical Girls have this ability, which allows them to invoke a portion of the Witch power in their Soul Gem when it becomes fully tainted.