Iroha Tamaki, Iroha became a magical girl to cure her little sister, Ui’s illness. When Ui went missing she came to Kamihama City to search for her. She is cheerful and earnest, but she pays too much attention to other people’s needs.
Madoka Kaname A Magical Girl who operates out of Mitakihara City. She goes to Kamihama City in search of her friend, Mami, who suddenly disappeared.
A magical girl who has been battling witches in Kamihama City for seven years. She works alone and doesn’t associate with others. She documents all of Kamihama City’s rumors.
Felicia Mitsuki, A mercenary magical girl who goes berserk if she sees a witch. Felicia is selfish and lazy and always demands attention, but she is second to none in battle.
Tsuruno Yui, A foolhardy Magical Girl whose goal is to become the most powerful ever. She respects and loves her grandfather and her birthplace, which has a long, storied history. She is proud of the Chinese restaurant that her family has been running since her great-grandfather's time.
Sana Futaba A pessimistic Magical Girl who lacks confidence. She is submissive to people who need her, and if she’s fond of them, she will quietly stand by them.
Homura Akemi A timid Magical Girl who wished to become a being capable of protecting Madoka. She reverses time over and over in an attempt to prevent Madoka from becoming a Witch. A series of events causes her to search for a way to change the future in Kamihama City.
Momoko Togame A benevolent Magical Girl who saves inexperienced Magical Girls when they’re in a pinch. As the middle child with two brothers, she grew up very assertive and outspoken, almost boyish. Despite that, she likes stuffed animals and other cute things. As a direct result of those preferences, she is also a fan of female idols.
Kaede Akino A cowardly Magical Girl who’s prone to worrying. Still, she’s kind, cares about her friends, and will face any dilemma for the sake of her team. She loves plants, animals, insects, and nature, and works hard on her vegetable garden at home. One of her favorite hobbies is playing UFO catcher games, even though she’s not good at them.
Rena Minami A socially awkward Magical Girl who’s bad at expressing herself. She hides her lack of confidence by putting up a determined front, which makes it easy for her to be misunderstood by people she doesn’t know well yet. Contrary to her unsociable attitude, she likes sweets and has a childish taste when it comes to food. She is a female idol groupie.
Mami Tomoe A Magical Girl who has been fighting Witches in Mitakihara City even longer than Madoka Kaname and the others. She mentors the girls, taking pride in being able to save people. She likes black tea.
Kyoko Sakura A Magical Girl from Kazamino City. She appears to be a dropout, and where she lives is unknown. She tends to clash with other girls thanks to her unyielding spirit and straightforward values. She's always eating. She wields a multi-jointed spear and can summon magical barriers.
A straightforward Magical Girl with a strong sense of justice. She is close friends with her classmate, Madoka. She respects Mami, her senior as a Magical Girl, and their combat styles are similar, both utilizing an arsenal of weapons. She used to go to the hospital regularly to visit her childhood friend, Kyosuke Kamijo, while he was a patient there.